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Open For Business!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

A Fledgling Flower Business

And.......breeeeeeeathe! It's been a long time in the planning and I can't quite believe that I've managed to fill the cart with little Grab n Go posies and larger posies plus, of course, sweet peas!

The Grab n Go posies are perfect as a gift on the run because they come with their own little tin can filled with water, covered in brown paper and tied with string. A cute, eco little thank you present or something to take along to Morning Tea with a friend. This one is filled with scented geranium, scillia, sweet peas and ranunculus.

Or they look lovely as a set of three arranged along the middle of a dining table. Not too tall to obscure your friends faces (nothing worse than playing Peek a Boo with a table centrepiece!) and bursting with colour and fragrance. Mix and match if there aren't three the same.

Or pop one beside your bed or in the kitchen. Heartwarming cornflowers, calendular, borage and mint make a rather edible dispay! All fresh from the Wildflower meadow which is just bursting with it's first flush of colour. You can always snip a bit of mint and borage for your Pimm's too....

It's the beginning of a whirlwind adventure. I say adventure because with Nature you can't always control what happens out in the field. The Pukekoes have been having a field day plucking out many of my little seedlings and the wind is doing it's level best to flatten the skinny sunflower seedlings. Not to mention the sudden dramatic switch from Spring to Summer almost overnight! However, I still feel my heart sing when I get a minute to take it all in. It's too easy to get caught up in the rush of sowing, watering, transplanting and watering some more. So I try to take a minute or two to see what's new in the Wildflower Meadow (poppies wil take centre stage next). We had some trees chopped down recently and the trunks were made into rustic table and chairs. We've put one in the Nuttery looking out over the Peak and we sat there with the kids the other evening drinking it all in (before watching the last Harry Potter and scaring ourselves!). I spend a lot of time pottering in the Cutting Garden and the Herb Garden and it's lovely to see the geraniums and mints bulk up and last years Snapdragons burst into life again. Who knew Snaps would overwinter? Perhaps only in Hawke's Bay. I think the Lady's Mantle might survive and who knows, maybe I'll actually get some flowers from it this year!

So do stop by when you see the sign and think of me watering, weeding and battling the pukekoes! Seasonal flowers make an affordable, thoughtful gift or a little treat for you!

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